Whether you're an experienced investor or a first time home buyer we can help you navigate the home buying process.


Affording a Home

There are State and Federal loan programs designed to help first time home buyers, those who don't have a much in savings, veterans, and Alaskan Natives.

Alaska Housing Finance Corp offers assistance in many ways, often times low-income borrowers, first time home buyers, and veterans qualify for lower interest rates.

For those who need down payment assistance, Cook Inlet Housing offers a program that will cover your closing costs and your down payment.  Meaning you can buy a property with 100% financing.


The Process


Go see a lender


The very first thing you should do when looking into buying a home is go see a lender.  Even if you think you're not ready, you should talk to a lender.  The most common mistake people make is assuming they don't have enough money or they have too much debt.  There are loan programs for first time home buyers and those who don't have money for a down payment.

When you talk to a lender they can give you a plan to get you on track to buying a home.  Lots of clients start this process a year before they buy, this way when they are ready there's no surprises.  

We have lenders that we love working with! Feel free to ask for a recommendation.

Talk to a Realtor


This is where we come in!  Once we establish a price range and a desired move in date we get to go shopping.  We'll start searching for properties that match your wish list.  Depending upon price, location, wish list items, and available inventory this process typically takes anywhere from one week to three weeks.  Sometimes less, sometimes more.

Make an Offer


Once we've toured a few properties and you've found "the one", we write an offer.  Once the offer is submitted you'll know within about 24 hours if the sellers would like to accept or make a counter offer.

We're in Escrow!


Yay! In 30 - 45 days you will be moving into your new home.  During this time the following will happen:

1. We work with your lender to complete all necessary paperwork and underwriting requirements to ensure your loan will go through.

2. We'll schedule a physical inspection of the property.  We recommend a general home inspection.  This will result in a list of repairs that will be negotiated between you and the seller.

3.  Once the agreed upon repairs are completed, we give your lender the "okay" to order an appraisal.  An appraisal is the banks opinion of value of the property.  If the bank agrees with the purchase price of the property then we are clear to close.



This is the day you get to sign for your new home.  It's also the day you need to have all funds ready to be transferred.  

Once all of the documents are signed and moneys are transferred (this takes 24 hrs), the purchase of your property will be recorded.  Recording always happens the business day after closing and this is the day you get keys to your new home!



Invite Kathi and Brittany to your house warming party!  We love getting to see our clients after the transaction and all settled in to their new home.



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