• Brittany Johnson

When should I sell my home?

Do I sell when there are the most buyers? Or do I sell when there is the least amount of competition (inventory)?

The Best Time of Year to Sell Real Estate..

In reality, homes sell all year round. But there are certain times of the year when market conditions make for an ideal sellers market. We encourage all of our clients to sell their homes January-March.

The most important thing to look at when deciding when to place your home for sale is the absorption rate. This means of the current number of homes on the market how many are selling each month. If the absorption rate is 13.2, that means there is 13 months of inventory, the market is over saturated with homes. In a healthy market there should only be about 3-5 months of inventory. The lower the number the better.

Why else would you sell in winter?

Although inventory drops, there are still plenty of buyers who need to buy. For example families transferring up to Alaska for work. We find there are more serious buyer in the winter, no one is shopping for fun, getting in and out of the car 6 times when it's 10 degrees out and there's minimal daylight.

Tips for Selling in Winter

  • Take professional exterior photos in the summertime, this will help market the outside of your home in winter when everything is covered by snow

  • Even if the property is vacant the heat should be turned up for showings, if a home is 50 degrees it feels like 35 making the buyer run through at lightning speed so they can get back in the warm car

  • Don't take photos with all of your Christmas decorations up, your pictures will turn out better if your home is de-cluttered and staged. If all you can manage is light staging it's better than nothing!

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